What is BPD?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a serious psychiatric illness. People with BPD have difficulty regulating their emotions and controlling their impulses. Their expression of emotion or impulses are often  displayed through intense anger, self injury or suicidal behavior. Although self-injury often occurs without suicidal intent, a significant number of people with BPD die by suicide (10%). Despite the seriousness of the disorder, recent research indicates that treatment can lead to considerable improvement over time, and there is hope for

What are the symptoms of BPD?

There are nine symptoms. You must have five to be diagnosed:

  1. Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment
  2. A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and  devaluation
  3. Identity disturbance: unstable self-image or sense of self
  4. Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating).
  5. Suicidal behavior, gestures or threats; or self-mutilating behavior
  6. Difficulty regulating mood (e.g., depression, irritability usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days)
  7. Chronic feelings of emptiness
  8. Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger
  9. Paranoid thoughts or a feeling of being disconnected from your body or surrounding


American Psychiatric Association (1994) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Fourth Edition (DSM-IV).

Alexander, L., Chapman & Kim L. (2007). The Borderline Personality Disorder Survival Guide: Everything you need to know about living with BPD, Oakland:,CA:  Newbringer Publications Inc.


  1. After decades of search and research I have finally self-diagnosed as BPD. Coming from a working class family, I had few resources to support my effort discover exactly what it was was that destroyed my mother’s life, my grandmother’s life, and the lives of so many family members in contemporary and past generations. I welcome all avenues of education and support. Thank you.

    • Hi I just read your blog, and I must say good for you to take care of yourself. I was diagnosed June of last year, With BPD, was given a test that is highly recognized in the field of Psychiatry. It took a Clinical Trauma ,Anxiety Counsellor to perform this for me. After years of seeking help for chronic depression and a feeling of emptiness, I was finally taken care of. I also have other Psychiatric Disorders including: PTSD, Anxiety, depression, Disassociation Disorder, which you can imagine how this all hit me. One of the features of BPD is self harm and suicide, which I do not have. I self harm in other ways, drugs, drinking sex addiction, impulsive acting out. When I was given this label I cried for days, drank vodka strait from the bottle, I was devastated. I am receiving intense therapy, I’m reading up on BPD to connect the dots and learn more. I also bought the DBT (Dialectical behaviour therapy) to hopefully get some more learning tools to survive this mental illness. Now I’m just angry, that my life and childhood traumas left me with a broken brain. I’m doing the work and hope that I will be able to have a healthy relationship, because all mine including my marriage that ended was chaos. I’m trying to find a support group because my family doesn’t understand any of this. I feel they don’t want to accept it. Anyway, hope your dealing with the BPD and I hope you are part of the percentage that will heal. Take Care……

      • Hi Tara, Thanks for your response. You’re the first person I’ve ever “talked with” who suffered from this devastingly destructive disorder. No support groups or therapists specifically trained to deal with BPD in my area either, though I plan to get all of the books and workbooks. My first action will be to try to separate out what causes or is caused by my alcoholism. How much of what afflicts me is mental illness, and how much is alcoholism? How, if they are, are they separate, different? Which one is cause, which one effect? Or are they both, as they say, comorbid? To what extent are genes responsible? Which genes and how? I sympathize with your response to your diagnosis; I felt a great deal of relief in finally seeing mine Named and described, recognized as a condition with which others have struggled and people have studied. I know that other anxieties and types of depression can accompany this “disorder.” Good luck with your attempt to undstand and improve your life. Keep in touch! Best wishes,

  2. consciousness emergence = creative intentional manifesting at holistic soul level by linking dualities into energetic awareness of universal singularity

    (question self, answer self, know self, express self, experience self)

    becoming (envision evolving self, intend evolving self, dream evolving self, create and manifest evolving self)

    by knowing self’s facet as part of oneness of universal whole connection, one begins creative choosing of a life path that resonates with the emergent quality within
    self-soul-universe that is the evolutionary choice of universe. choice within compulsion of energy wanting to evolve and grow from seemingly
    soul or personality or community or society or country or world into an actuality of intended global unity and oneness.

    our uniqueness is a sparkle of the universe flowing as a whole

    love is the attraction relation between high order ethereal
    aware-conscious energy

    gravity is the attraction relation between high order aware physical energy

    the universe was a whole and one, until it choose to explode into innumerable fractured pieces that are connected by light energy.
    the universe is connected at all moments and unbound by time and space.
    humans are a piece of this connected widespread universe.
    and we are somehow internally fractured into innumerable pieces within yet that is an illusion of mind. just like the universe all of our internal ‘pieces’ are whole and one and connected within by light energy
    ….which holistically is all just one aware light energy within…
    and like the universe…we wish to know and learn and expand.

    being yourself becoming universal self is the compulsive need of the universe to shine. brightly. emergent evolution of universe through self facet for all facets (friends family trees bees humans gaia animals…..)
    which is all just the symbiosis of organized systems in an emerging universe

    pain pushes and shifts

    love guides and pulls

    inner and outer movements

    emergence is high frequency navigating to allow evolution and growth

    the term of ‘facet’ for self as compared to universal self…
    is a holisfic side of the coin i saw the otherside of when i speak of my soul as jewel that shines with light from within yet this jewel has murk and shadow on some facets
    self questioning, self answering, self clearing and cleaning lead to facets gleaming and shining together and all at once…. this is what i believe is meant when it is said we have to allow that process of self emergence to come forth from and it is from this state that one shines and flows as a facet of the universe which is a jewel that shines from a light within.

    emergence is a state where we go from the observed qualities of particle and wave function awareness duality to the primal state of light navigating as energetic awareness in a whole connected universe

    two distinct diverse highly ordered systems merging duality into a whole new symbiosis of life and living.
    because light has two main qualities of description
    particle or wave
    yet both do not actually describe light

    (thoughts emotion sensations dreams)

    emergence of high vibrational light beings from what previously was the first symbiosis of spirit and body evolving into a new whole connected way of loving sharing supporting teaching healing humans as earthlings.
    together for all to experience.

    inspired by a video i saw of daniel schmachtenberger speaking of emergence
    some of his quotes are interspersed within my writings and expansion of his words.

    • Love you fuzzy!! Your words have such great meaning when you speak my friend. I feel honoured to have met you and hope our paths continues to cross paths.

    • Thank you for this. Love and light to you.
      Having just been diagnosed with BPD and have been practicing meditation and Light Healing for the last several years.. I am ever so grateful to reads these words. Divine timing ❤

  3. Last week I was diagnosed with BPD and Complex PTSD . I finally have answers besides depression why I am unstable and somewhat “unhinged” and feel the way I do. I am not sure what to do now. I wish there was better resources in terms of DBT and Trauma counselling available here where I am.I just found this website, so will have a look around. Best wishes to all. Jill

  4. I have a daughter who has BPD, that refuses services. She now has a baby. I live thousands of miles away. Can someone who has BPD tell me, how to get her help, before any more things happen, that are destructive to both their lives?It’s been years of extreme situations.

    Mother/GrandMother Heather

  5. Hello, my name is arianna I’m 20 years old and I have bpd.. I’m having a hard time getting help for it. Do you know who I can contact in the fraser valley to help?

    • Dear Arianna,

      I do not have the answers to your question, but I would like to send some encouragement your way. My daughter would never consider that BPD was effecting her life. She is 31 years old. So, I have a great appreciation, for Your courage and I wish You all the very best!


      • Thank you very much!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to deal with with soon, and be the best mother/friend/girlfriend ect.. I can be.

  6. Yes .. diagnosed at VGH a year and a half ago along with PTSD and concurrent disorder. Buried it and kept working. Almost unbearable now.

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