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This is a place to ask a question about BPD, leave a comment about our services, or to let others know of support they’ve found helpful.  This page is moderated by facilitators from the BPD Society of BC.  All posts are reviewed before they become viewable by the public.  Note that negative comments or items that don’t relate to BPD will not be made public.

For the most part, blog content will be open for anyone to view so please keep this in mind when you post – all information is public.

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  1. fuzzy thoughts…

    ability is core energy destiny of pathway

    (soul’s primal first choice of why to be in this body)

    motivation comes from pure true intent states

    (soul energy willing into existence manifestation)

    attitude is our core’s vibration

    (our awareness energy intentionally moving upwards towards love, compassion, grace, empathy, respect, and humble divinity)

  2. Are there any online support groups for BPD?

    • Sorry for the long delay in responding!

      We aren’t aware of on-line support groups specifically, but we can suggest an on-line DBT skills course that may be helpful:

      Take care,

  3. Do you have any support groups for family members of people with BPD?

    • Hi Tami: Our support groups in Victoria and Nanaimo welcome family members. We don’t separate family from those with BPD, we all meet together. Our approach is for everyone to learn from each others’ experiences. You can attend with or without your loved one. Here’s the info for these two groups:

      Every Wednesday night, 7-9 p.m., 125 Skinner Street (between Craigflower and Tyee)
      we enter the building through the doors off the back parking lot

      1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month, 7-9 p.m., 3151 Barons Road.

      Take care,

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