On-going BPD Support Groups in BC: Victoria, Nanaimo, New Westminster and Vancouver (NEW!)

We currently run four peer support groups for those with BPD or BPD traits.  You do not have to have a formal diagnosis.  We encourage supportive family members, friends, and/or partners of those with BPD to also attend, either with or without their loved one.  Based on our experience, we believe it to be very beneficial to have a good mix of both those with the disorder and those supporting someone with the disorder to meet together.   We all learn from one another.  We run as a drop-in format, with various BPD-related topics chosen by the group each week.  You can raise a topic, join in, or just sit quietly and listen.  No signing up, no charge.

VICTORIAEvery Wednesday, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 125 Skinner Street (between Tyee and Craigflower), Victoria, BC.  PLEASE NOTE: Enter the building through the doors off the parking lot at the back of the building (off Tyee).

NANAIMO:  the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 3151 Barons Road, Nanaimo, BC.

NEW WESTMINSTER:  Every Tuesday, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, 1115 6th Avenue, New Westminster, BC

VANCOUVER:  Every Wednesday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, 293 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC  (see also:  https://borderlinetalksback.com/)

If you have any questions regarding the above groups, please email bpdsocietyofbc@gmail.com

NOTE:  the weekly DBT support group in Vernon has now closed.


  1. An online chat group would be good too so that people on the mainland could get some info and peer support. Chatzy.com is a site where anyone can create a chatroom and invite people to participate.

  2. Not all Borderlines were abused in childhood but for those who were, talking to a qualified, compassionate therapist about it is an important part of healing from BPD. In fact, dismissing early trauma can make a Borderline patient act out. Trauma was not even understood as a common factor in BPD until only a few years ago that is why there is a lot of stigma around the Borderline diagnosis. There was talk about changing the label to ’emotional regulation dysorder’ but i don’t think that caught on either.

    • Howdy 🙂
      I believe that what you said about changing the name to emotional regulation dysfunction. I think that BPD gets confused with bi-polar disorder – just by the acronym s being close.
      But anyhow….great comment

  3. I need help with my disorder I don’t know how to fix myself and I can’t afford counseling

  4. Music therapy was also quite helpful for me, a drumming group specifically.

  5. Abusive and ” inconsistent” attachments in infancy implicated in BPD.


  6. ClicK the link to start chatting : BPD in BC


    This is an informal, non- moderated chat for people with BPD and their community. If u get upset by someone, simply leave the room. I will consider moderating a group if there is enough interest/ need.

  7. Boredom in BPD; not often mentioned as a key characteristic but it was a problem for me at one time. And Im not alone

    : http://showard76.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/boredom-and-borderline-personality-disorder/

    I think boredom is a difficult emotion in BPD and needs more recognition and empathy!

  8. Do your BPD behaviors flare before your period? Is PMS worse for Borderlines?


  9. Yoga for BPD


  10. Leaving adult relationships that ” blow hot and cold.”


  11. There are so many paradoxes in BPD. There is often unprocessed grief, sadness and rage but there is dissociation as well. And you can’t process emotions you do not know you have.

  12. Hi there, I am inquiring about any possible services or support groups that you may know of here on the mainland? Any info helps
    Thank you

    • Hi Chelsie: we don’t have support groups in Vancouver (yet!), but our understanding of other Vancouver area resources are:

      Surrey Memorial Hospital
      DBT skills, no individual counseling
      Referrals are accepted for BPD clients after an intake is done by the local mental health center for residents under the Fraser Health Authority – Doctor, mental health worker or client can refer themselves for treatment. In Surrey the number for mental health central intake is 604-593-4900.

      Vancouver General Hospital
      Client asks their GP or psychiatrist to be referred to “Vancouver Adult Mental Health – Outpatient”. If the client has had a psychiatric assessment within the past year, they can be put directly onto the wait list. If the client has not had a psychiatric assessment within the past year, one can be done by the VGH Outpatient psychiatrist before being put on the waitlist (initial assessment usually takes 4-6 weeks). The program waitlist is approximately 4-8 months. The program does not accept people living outside their authority (ie, not from New West, Burnaby etc). VGH does not provide individual counseling.

      Burnaby Child and Youth Mental Health through Ministry
      Team Leader – Hugh Hetner
      Full DBT program including individual, multi-family groups, coaching for family and youth, ongoing psychiatry consults, dietician
      Youth do not have to have diagnosis of BPD
      Youth must live in Burnaby
      Anyone can get a referral
      Intake – 604-660-9495
      Waitlist is none or few weeks to couple months

      Royal Columbian Hospital (New West) – no DBT (CBT only)

      Burnaby Hospital – no DBT (may in the future)

      Peace Arch (White Rock) – no DBT

      DBT Centre of Vancouver
      Offer a variety of fee-based services for adult and adolescent clients, their families, mental health providers, and the community. Services are not covered by MSP, but part of their services may be covered by extended health. Clients are advised to check their insurance provider’s policy under “psychological services” to find out their yearly limit as well as to see if coverage includes any level of clinicians or only specific types of clinicians. The Adult DBT Program is designed for clients ranging in age from 18 to 75 years and is provided in strict adherence with the DBT model developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan to provide all clients with the most effective treatment available for people struggling with difficulties dealing with and regulating emotions. This program involves: Individual Therapy, Group Skills Training, and Telephone Consultation. http://www.dbtvancouver.com

      OTHER RESOURCES: Vancouver Crisis Centre: 604-872-3311; Sunshine Coast/Sea-to-Sky Crisis Centre: 1-866-661-3311; Mental Health support line: 250-310-6789; Online chat service for adults: http://www.crisiscentrechat.ca; 1-800-suicide can refer people to counseling (free or on a sliding scale)

      We’re aware of an informal “Meetup” group that gets together in the Vancouver area – the information is available at http://www.meetup.com/Bpd-support-group/ You join their online group and then you would receive notification of upcoming meetings. They appear to meet on an occasional basis. We do not have a formal link with this group, so we’re not able to provide you with any other details. If you do end up attending one of their group meetups we’d be very interested in hearing your feelings about it (send an email to bpdsocietyofbc@gmail.com).

      Take care,

  13. Weekly support group in Vancouver for adults abused in childhood:


  14. Canadian Self Regulation Initiative: helping kids cope with stress


  15. Childhood abuse hurts the brain

    By William J. Cromie
    Gazette Staff

    “Abuse during childhood can change the structure and function of a brain, and increase the risk of everything from anxiety to suicide.”


  16. Published on Jul 8, 2013

    Bessel van der Kolk, MD, delivers the lecture “Childhood Trauma, Affect Regulation, and Borderline Personality Disorder” as part of the 9th Annual Yale NEA-BPD Conference.

  17. Paradoxical Emotions In BPD: So I notice with myself that I still, paradoxically, tend to attach to people who threaten me in some way. I know that abused children will do this as a failed ‘defense’ but even in adulthood I notice I still do this. It is difficult to recognize and stop.

  18. Do you know of any such groups held in Nanaimo?

    • Hi Sarah: yes, we have a group that runs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in Nanaimo. We meet from 7pm to 9pm at 3151 Barons Road. You can just drop in, and there’s no fee.

      Take care!

  19. some fuzzy thoughts to ponder…

    the energy of emotions…
    they push & pull vibration upwards.
    they suppress & drag vibration downwards.
    emotions are a powerful expression to our spirit of the now.
    they guide us to move forwards.
    they show us trauma and trigger and..
    give us the opportunity to shine light deeper within for inner clarity.
    the hidden must come to light…
    otherwise we are looping and habitual creatures.
    we were given free will to break the chains.
    chains of the past…
    chains of socialization….
    chains of poison…
    release the light.
    gain the strength to ‘see’.
    with ‘seeing’ comes universal knowledge.

    that kind of knowledge is inner power…which produces phenomenal expansion of self.

  20. Any chances of something coming to Kamloops BC?

  21. I think that the diagnosis BPD “SHOULD” be changed to “Emotional Regulation Disorder” due to the fact that the diagnosis BPD is so controversial and other people stigmatize the diagnosis that nobody wants to work with them!!

    • Totally agree!

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