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Looking for help in Vancouver, BC?

Vancouver Area Resources for Treatment

Surrey Memorial Hospital
DBT skills, no individual counseling
Referrals are accepted for BPD clients after an intake is done by the local mental health center for residents under the Fraser Health Authority – Doctor, mental health worker or client can refer themselves for treatment. In Surrey the number for mental health central intake is 604-593-4900.

Vancouver General Hospital
Client asks their GP or psychiatrist to be referred to “Vancouver Adult Mental Health – Outpatient”. If the client has had a psychiatric assessment within the past year, they can be put directly onto the wait list. If the client has not had a psychiatric assessment within the past year, one can be done by the VGH Outpatient psychiatrist before being put on the waitlist (initial assessment usually takes 4-6 weeks). The program waitlist is approximately 4-8 months. The program does not accept people living outside their authority (ie, not from New West, Burnaby etc). VGH does not provide individual counseling.

Burnaby Child and Youth Mental Health through Ministry
Team Leader – Hugh Hetner
Full DBT program including individual, multi-family groups, coaching for family and youth, ongoing psychiatry consults, dietician
Youth do not have to have diagnosis of BPD
Youth must live in Burnaby
Anyone can get a referral
Intake – 604-660-9495
Waitlist is none or few weeks to couple months

Royal Columbian Hospital (New West) – no DBT (CBT only)

Burnaby Hospital – no DBT (may in the future)

Peace Arch (White Rock) – no DBT

DBT Centre of Vancouver
Offer a variety of fee-based services for adult and adolescent clients, their families, mental health providers, and the community. Services are not covered by MSP, but part of their services may be covered by extended health. Clients are advised to check their insurance provider’s policy under “psychological services” to find out their yearly limit as well as to see if coverage includes any level of clinicians or only specific types of clinicians. The Adult DBT Program is designed for clients ranging in age from 18 to 75 years and is provided in strict adherence with the DBT model developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan to provide all clients with the most effective treatment available for people struggling with difficulties dealing with and regulating emotions. This program involves: Individual Therapy, Group Skills Training, and Telephone Consultation.

OTHER RESOURCES: Vancouver Crisis Centre: 604-872-3311; Sunshine Coast/Sea-to-Sky Crisis Centre: 1-866-661-3311; Mental Health support line: 250-310-6789; Online chat service for adults:; 1-800-suicide can refer people to counseling (free or on a sliding scale)

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