Posted by: BPD Society of BC | August 7, 2011

Football Player Brandon Marshall – New Face of Borderline Personality Disorder

This is perhaps the moment we all have been waiting for – a real celebrity to come forward to be the face of  Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)! Brandon Marshall, a pro-foot ball player is the first major celebrity to publicly share his battle with BPD. This  important announcement comes shortly after Marsha Linehen, Ph.D and developer of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also shared her battle with BPD as an adolescent.

Marshall details his long and painful struggle in the article written by Omar Kelly Brandon Marshall diagnosed with borderline personality disorder  in which he describes a lifetime of living with dramatic mood swings and uncontrolable emotional outbursts. This is all in spite of his great success as as the most highly paid professional football player in his position, a wonderful wife, college education (now pursuing his masters degree) and the house of his dreams.

“Before this ordeal I kept asking God to show me my purpose. He gave me this,” Marshall said. “I’ll be the face of BPD. I’ll make myself vulnerable if it saves someone’s life because I know what I went through this summer helped save mine.”

He is now endeavoring to advocate for more research into BPD and support services for those living with the disorder. He has also just lunched his trailer to a documentary called “Borderline Beast” in which he documents his recovery from BPD and stands out as the “Face of BPD”. Perhaps one of the most incredible things about this great reveal is that Marshal shows that BPD can effect anybody – male or female, rich or poor, successful…. Thank you Brandon! This is a gift to the whole BPD community.

Official Press Release


  1. So sorry our daughter couldn’t be here to have hope. She couldn’t wait and took her life at 34. We didn’t have any good contacts till after she was gone and now, thanks to great advocates, the word is getting out there on Borderline. It is not Borderline, it is full force in our minds. Alice and George Schellenberg

    • Hi Alice and George,

      I so wish we could have known each other a little sooner. I know this is what must be going on in your heads as well. Then I could have met your daughter and she would know she is not alone. There is so much time can do and it can’t come too soon for us. The song is right “time goes by so slowly and time can do so much.” It needs to come yesterday and the day before that and the week before that and the year before that….and then the clock would hold Laura and those like her in its comforting hands and never let go until time was ready.

      Thinking of you both,


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