Posted by: BPD Society of BC | February 27, 2011

And now we grow!

Hello everyone,

Yes, it is true. We are now growing! At our last meeting we had seventeen people attend, including our team of  three  facilitators. It is tremendous to see new faces at the group including individuals with BPD who now know they are not alone. It is wonderful to see family members attend, either with or without their loved ones, and to watch their realization that their is hope for recovery. And, of course, who can forget our regulars who show great courage and determination every time they come through the door. It is your dedication to the group that keeps us going.

At first, we were unsure about combining people with the disorder with family and friends, but now we have received positive feedback that this combination has actually increased insight and compassion between members. Family members tell us that they have a better understanding of what is like to have BPD and how to help. Participants feel they have more insight into the difficulties family members face with the symptoms of BPD and the effects of interpersonal dysregulation.

But support is not all we offer. We also offer individuals and families the chance to connect socially during the last half hour of the meeting. We relax around coffee and home baked goods to connect, laugh, share stories, experiences and have fun. For many, in the group this social opportunity is a chance to break through the barriers of  social isolation. For family members, it provides a chance to be understood and to speak to other family members (perhaps for the first time) without stigma or fear of judgment.

As you may have noticed, we have now officially changed our name from the Overwhelming Emotions Support Group to the Borderline Personality Support Group. This was done to clearly indicate our target audience and to address the needs of those diagnosed with BPD and their family members. We are also pleased to announce our affiliation with the Mood Disorders Association (MDA) of BC as a special interest support group. We would like to thank the MDA for their support.

It is our hope that our success will lead others to start peer-led BPD support groups in their communities. We would like to see support groups across Canada and the United States and eventually the world over. To facilitate this process, we will be posting a “how to” guide on starting a BPD support group in your area. If you have BPD or are family member of someone with the disorder, we  would love to hear about your your efforts to use the “how to” guide in starting your own support group.

Let the dream become a reality!


  1. im supporting a few people over here in the uk i have BPD myslef so helping them kinda helps me at the same time it works so well becuase its indirect conversation some of them just need a bit of encourgemrnt to keep going or sometimes i get worse but it works im currently on a holiday still supporting people with BPD threw facebook but ill have a look at your guid in a few weeks kevin

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I am just putting the finishing touches on the guidelines, but it should be up by the end of next week. Thanks for your interest and for everything you are doing in your community!


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