Posted by: BPD Society of BC | September 17, 2010

Our Guests- September 1 2010

We would like to thank Drew Barnes and Andrew Bucknall for attending our September 1st meeting as guests. Drew and Andrew work at the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). Drew is the coordinator of the day hospital at the Eric Martin Pavilion and Andrew is a mental health intake social worker. They came to the meeting to observe how our meeting work and to see positive effect the self-help, peer led experience is having on the lives of participants. We are happy to report that this was a great experience for every one involved and led to the following feedback from Drew:

“Hi Elizabeth, thanks for inviting me to the support group last night. I spoke with Andrew this morning and we both agreed that it was a positive and encouraging experience. Very courageous of you to share your group with us. I always find it stressful when I’m being observed by others. I have included my notes from the meeting that I shared with the team.

Notes re observation of BPD peer support group Sept 1/10

Andrew Bucknall from intake and I attended as guests. This was tolerated well.

  • Nice structure: Announcements, reading of comfort agreement, timed check-in , Open discussion, Business items.
  • 7-9 Wed evening , 1st and 3rd wed on the month
  • 10 people in the group: 2 peer facilitators Elisabeth and Bailey, their moms, a boyfriend, 3 individuals with BPD, 1 husband on his own, 1 wife with her husband.
  • In general I would describe the group as safe, respectful and supportive
  • Lots of active validation
  • Leadership kept the group true to task and comfort agreement
  • Lots of active use and discussion of DBT skills
  • Great reinforcement of skills learned in formal DBT program
  • Clients and family disclosed that prior to the group they were getting all their information from the internet
  • The group had a library of books for families and clients
  • The group has a blog ( were a synopsis of the group is provided
  • Group leader is actively seeking education and development opportunities with BPD fee for service program in Vancouver
  • Members clearly value the group”

Thanks again Andrew and Drew.

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