Posted by: BPD Society of BC | August 24, 2010

Last two Meetings – July 4th & 18

So for all you avid readers out there, you may have noticed that this blog posting is rather delayed. That’s because Judy, my mom who usually helps with blog postings, is on holiday and I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to say.

Then tonight I had a eureka moment! It occurred to me that one of our most common themes in meetings lately is the difficulties we folks with BPD have in understanding or misinterpreting other people’s facial expressions. I think we all got a tremendous amount of insight out of the article “When Passion is the Enemy” published by Scientific American Mind and written by Molly Night Raskin. What an eye opener to realize that all our subjective observations of having difficulty reading facial expressions or reading too much into facial expressions is actually due to the disorder itself. The article reveals that “a hypersensitivity to subtle facial expressions is an important feature of borderline personality disorder.” Many people with BPD actually read a neutral facial expression as being hostile or cold. What does this mean for us folks with BPD? Well, for starters it means we know we are not alone – this is a common feature of the disorder and it is not our fault. Nevertheless, that does not mean we can’t develop coping strategies such as using mindfulness skills to avoid overreacting to situations which cause both others and ourselves emotional distress. This discovery is also important for family members and friends of those who have BPD. Armed with this knowledge, family members can work towards providing the validating environment that people with BPD thrive on, both through the use of facial expression and verbal interactions.

This has been a great summer for the group and I am proud to announce that we have developed a number of loyal attendees. Our average attendance has been 7-9 people at a meeting. Pretty good for a lazy summer!

Next meeting we will have a visitor from VIHA joining us to check us out and see what we are all about. His name is Drew and I hope you all will give him a warm welcome. Drew is a great believer in peer support/self-help and looks forward to meeting us.

Signing off for now,



  1. Hi

    Do you perhanps have a link to the article ““When Passion is the Enemy?”

    • Yes, I do but I cannot post it online due to copyright issues. If you come to one of our support groups you can read it.


  2. The web does not show the full article. You would need to pay for it.

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