Posted by: BPD Society of BC | June 6, 2010

First Meeting at New Location

Our first meeting at our new location – the BC Schizophrenia Society – Victoria Branch (BCSS), 941 Kings Rd off Quadra was a great success. Unlike Begbie hall, where we did not have enough space, BCSS provided enough seating and leg room and we did not feel cramped.  Eleven people attended the meeting with  four new people so we are continuing to grow.

After going over the “Comfort Agreement ” (a set of guidelines for group members to follow) and check-in, two upcoming events were announced. The “Transitions” conference is an opportunity to learn more about moving into the workplace or obtaining further educational opportunities while living with mental illness. It is being held at Canada West University on Saturday June 12 from 9 am until 4 pm. The second event is “Art in the Air” on Tuesday June 15th . This is a gala of talent including poetry, visual art, music and dance at the First Metropolitan United Church on Quadra St. at 6-8pm. We are proud to announce that the Overwhelming Emotions Support Group will have a display table at both these events. Elizabeth will be selling her artwork and doing a poetry reading for “Art in the Air” and would love to see you there to lend support.

It was so wonderful to see new faces at the support group, but perhaps even more fantastic was to see so many supportive family members and partners committed to their loved ones’ recovery. All who sat around the table were obviously interested in understanding each other better and learning new skills to better communicate with each other. There was wide agreement at the table that OE’s, especially those diagnosed as BPD, tend to be extremely passionate people and deeply caring about others and causes that are important to them. This was expressed as the commonality that draws OE’s together. Nevertheless, the emotionality that comes with these deeply felt feelings can be difficult for partners and family members to handle and this is why some of our partners and family members talk about walking on egg shells.

Another mutual theme that was discussed concerned the workforce and interactions with colleagues. Effective coping strategies were discussed to help participant deal with workplace problems. The question of how we can tell our OE behavior from that of “normal” behavior was raised. For people with OE, this can be difficult because they don’t know anything different. Many people in the group were concerned that all their behavior would end up being interpreted as a “BPD moment” instead of a normal reaction to a difficult circumstance.

As in every meeting, there was a great connection between participants. For myself, I certainly felt less alone and very much cared about. I am quite certain that I am not the only one who is in agreement with this statement but as usual I anxiously await your feedback. What did you get out of the meeting? Please remember what ever you post on this blog is public.

Important note: There was  feedback from Citizens Counseling who share the building with BCSS about keeping the front entrance locked. From now on Baylie, Judy or myself will stand at the front entrance to let you in until 7:15. After this, you are asked to go around to the back of the building (a sign will instruct you to do so) and knock loudly on the window.  You will see another sign on the back window to let you know where to knock. We will also have the window open so you can yell into it during summer months and when it is not too cold. You are asked not to use the back door as this does not belong to us.. Sorry about having to use this method of entry but this is a shared office facility and we have to think about security after hours. Thx.

Our next meeting is Wednesday June 16 at 7pm, 941 Kings Rd. off Quadra.


  1. I really wish that I could attend these groups & events! Unfortunately I live in NY 😦

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