Posted by: In Memoriam | May 13, 2010

Our 3rd Meeting – Big Turn Out

Eleven people in total with four new people.  Word is getting out!  Since so many of the participants came from the New Light Recovery Workshop, where Check-in is just one feeling word – no explanations, people were over the moon to find out they could say a whole lot more and they did!  We talked on a range of topics from ways to make ourselves feel better when we’re experiencing OE’s (overwhelming emotions).  Folks liked the expression “OE’s” to describe participants of the group so “OE’s” seems to be what we will call ourselves from now on.

FYI – Did you know there is an edible Play-dough and it can also be obtained gluten and wheat free?

It was great to hear from participants that the group was the first time they felt they could really be themselves with people who understood where they were coming from and not feel stigmatized. As usual, we had lots of laughs while we ate up a storm of cookies and coffee. Judy says thanks to the guy who noticed the parking attendant about to issue a ticket. There were about a couple of hundred guys attending a Prostrate Health Support Meeting. Telling the parking attendant she was attending the Prostate Meeting got her off the hook!

It’s a small room for 11 people and we do realize that something has to be done to find a bigger room so we are all not in jammed in  and can socialize more freely. Elizabeth is exploring larger rooms where we can go but this might mean a change of date. How do you feel about another day?

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