Posted by: BPD Society of BC | April 29, 2010

Our Second Meeting

We had our second meeting of the Overwhelming Emotions Support Group on Tuesday, 27th April. There were 7 people and we got 2 new people so we are growing.  It seems anger is something we all have problems with especially us OE’s.  Arn’t we all angry about people who take our space in parking lots?  We discussed how getting angry escalates our own feelings as well as those of others and what to do to cope.  “Walking away” was suggested as not a feeling of giving in but of owning our own behavior. When we own our feelings, we can see it as something to be proud of.   There is a self-help tool called ‘S.E.T’ which stands for Support, Empathy and Truth (see attachment) and what was totally awesome was that we were able to apply this tool and observe its power in action at the meeting which enabled all of us to get to understanding in the conversation.

SET for Borderline Personality Disorder

Last of all the humor of our various faux pas in dealing with people caused lots of laughter.  It felt nice for all participants to feel like they could identify so strongly with each other that they were able to laugh at what might have seemed serious.

Cookies and tea continued to be a major contributor to everyone’s enjoyment.  Thanks to Deborah for this.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday, May 11th at Begbie Hall, 7 pm.


  1. I felt last week’s meeting was very productive, giving me the opportunity to talk about my life having a family member with BPD. Also, seeing how the SET tool can work successfuly was very interesting.

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