About Us

BPD Awareness Day May 7 2020 Poster

Who are we …

We began with our first support group in Victoria on April 13, 2010.  The support group idea grew from a discussion between our two founders Baylie McKnight and Elizabeth Bogod – “if there’s no support out there, let’s start our own!”  The discussion quickly blossomed into what is today the Borderline Personality Disorder Society of BC – a Registered Non-Profit, with Charitable status.

What we do …

We sponsor several BPD Peer Support Groups in British Columbia – currently in Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver and New Westminster.  If you would like to work with us to start a support group in another community within BC, please get in touch with us at bpdsocietyofbc@gmail.com and we can discuss what is needed to make it happen.

BPD Presentations – We can provide speakers for presentations at high school, college or university classes, professional gatherings, community events, mental health information days, etc.  Just email us at bpdsocietyofbc@gmail.com and we’ll contact you to discuss.

BPD Resource Library  – Various books (on loan basis), brochures, and documents are available at the support groups. Topics include BPD, Self-Injury, BPD info for family members/partners, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.  Some documents are also available via email upon request.  Just let us know at bpdsocietyofbc@gmail.com what BPD-related topic you’d like information on and we’ll get some information out to you.


  1. Do you know of any groups in burnaby bc

    • We are working on getting a support group started up in Vancouver and hope to expand from there. Right now, there is only one in Victoria. If you like, Baylie who is heading this up will be happy to take your contact information when the Vancouver group is up and going and possibly, in the future help you work on a Burnaby group.

      Cheers, Elizabeth

      • is this still on? i am interested.

      • Hi…I’m interested in info about the Vancouver support group.

      • I am also interested in a Vancouver support group.

  2. Thank you, that would be great, I would really like to start a parents of teens with
    BPD support group, I think I need… I would be willing to help to get something like this going… email me at millwater.sherry@gmail.com

  3. I would love to see something for langley bc

  4. Hi I am new to the boards. I live with someone who has this disorder and am looking for support/advice…is there anything local in vancouver or anyone wanting to get together and create one?

    • apparently vancouver general hospital has help-probably have to go thru the er and ask to see a psychiatrist and get the person to tell the psychiatrist the whole story and truth. it will be the only way u will get help for ur rm mate into the psych assessment.

  5. i am in the Cowichan Valley..is there any up this way?

  6. is there any other interest in getting a group in Nanaimo?
    Or do you know of any groups in nanaimo already?

  7. please definitely include me.

  8. Do you have support for family of bod in victoria?

    • Hi Worried mom: we welcome family members to the support group in Victoria every Wednesday evening, 7-9 pm, 125 Skinner Street (between Craigflower and Tyee). We enter the building through the doors off the back parking lot. We all meet together – those with BPD and family members, partners, and friends. We’ve found this format to be helpful for everyone. We all learn from each other. You can come with our without your loved one.

      I look forward to meeting you there!
      Deborah (my daughter has BPD)

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